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The CIN brand was first used by a newly founded company

Foundation of Companhia Industrial do Norte, SARL.

Foundation of CIN - Corporação Industrial do Norte, Lda.

Since then, industrial finishes leader

Foundation of Tintas CIN Angola, S.A.

Foundation of Tintas CIN Moçambique, S.A.R.L.

Flotation of capital on the stock market and listing on the Lisbon Stock Exchange.

Acquisition of Portuguese company Fábrica de Tintas Lacose, Lda.

Acquisition of the Portuguese company Sotinco - Sociedade de Tintas de Construção Tinco, S.A.

Portuguese coatings market leader

Acquisition of 47% of the capital of the Spanish company Barnices Valentine, S.A.

Portuguese coatings market leader.

Increase of stake in Barnices Valentine, S.A. (+11%)

Acquisiton of the Spanish company Cros Pinturas

Joint venture with DISA - Corporación Petrolífera, S.A.

Through the Joint Venture, DISA Pinturas, S.A., is set up in the Canary Islands, in which CIN holds a 50% stake of the capital.

CIN controls 98% of Barnices Valentine, S.A.

Obtained by increasing participation by 40%

Acquisition of the Portuguese company NITIN - Nova Indústria de Tints, S.A.

Acquisition of 100% of DISA Pinturas, S.A. and name change to Pinturas CIN Canarias, S.A.

Acquisition of 33% of the capital of the French company Artilin, S.A., increased to 42% in 2003

Acquisition of the Portuguese company Ibercoat - Tintas em Pó, S.A.

Acquisition of the Spanish company Proitesa – Productos Industriales de Tenerife, S.A.U.

Acquisition of various companies

Acquisition of the industrial finishes division of Robbialac and Martolar S.A.

Control of 100% of Artilin

Acquisition of the French company Celliose, S.A.

Acquisition of the Spanish company Compañía Limitada Industrias de La Pintura, S.L.U. (owner of the Palmcolor brand)


Opening of CIN's new Research and Development centre in Maia

Production capacity increase of the Megadur powder coatings plant

Setting up of CIN Coatings México to sell and provide services for the Protective coatings segment

Setting up:

CIN Polska in Poland (Architectural coatings)

CIN Coatings South Africa (Protective coatings)

NAVIS, joint venture CIN-BBDouro (nautical market).

Setting up of CIN Coatings Turkey, with head office in Istanbul, to sell Protective coatings paints and varnishes

Corporate Identity renovation

CIN acquires the French company Monopol, S.A.S. which operates in Industrial coatings segment

Acquisition of the Spanish company Govesan, S.A.U.

CIN brand celebrates its first centenary

Acquisition of the company Boero Bartolomeo S.p.A.