ChromaGuide® A source of inspiration where you find the exact colour, the perfect tone or the ideal nuance for your projects. ChromaGuide®

Specifically designed for this industry, ChromaGuide® makes available 1650 colours, studied in depth to meet the highest level of quality required to an interior paint. ChromaGuide® is the reference colour tool developed for professionals of the painting industry.


CIN’s experience and technology at your service

The performance of the ChromaGuide® colours is obtained through a perfect mastering of the design momentum and study of the paint, excellence in raw materials selection, combined with the quality of the Colormix system and its strict control and regular maintenance.

CIN’s experience and technology at the service of its projects ChromaGuide® provides 1650 unique colours and stands out as an adapted and complete system which will help you in all your projects. It is the preferred colour tool for professionals in the field.
1650 Colours specially optimized

A full range of colours specially optimized for interiors, covering the most used tones, luminosities and saturation.

Unique, inimitable and unmistakeable colours

ChromaGuide® colours are exclusively available in the instant tuning system Colormix, ensuring a high level of quality and reliability.

Colour tuning and performance 

As a result of a colour study carried out by our R&D, ChromaGuide® colours were tuned specifically for CIN’s resins, pigments and dyes.

High level of quality and reliability

Obtained thanks to a perfect command at the moment of conception and study of the paint, together with the high demand for quality and excellence when selecting the raw material, as well as the system's quality.