CIN COLORiT What if you could to give the first coat on the wall of your living room, in the colour you wished, and you could repeat it as many times as you wanted until you were sure of which colour you liked the most? With the CIN Simulator it's possible. Colour Tools

CIN COLORiT allows you to simulate your favourite colours on the walls of your home, using real photos taken by you, helping you to choose the perfect colour for the room you want to decorate.


What is the best way to know that you have chosen the ideal colour for your room?
Testing them all.

It's simple! Use a photo, select the colour you wish to use and the app does the rest for you. You can save the result for future reference or share it immediately with whomever you wish.

CIN’s experience and technology at the service of your inspiration Use the Colour Simulator CIN COLORiT to photograph, choose a colour from a CIN colour card and simulate virtual painting on the walls of your home. The application also allows you to identify colours from photographs and locate the CIN store closest to you.
Simulate painting

Take a picture, or use augmented reality (app only), and paint any wall in the colour you want. You can save or share your results.

Identify a colour

Starting with a colour selected in any photograph, find the closest colour in one of CIN’s colour cards.

Save your favourite colours

You can save your favourite colours in a personal list or on your MyCIN account.

Locate a CIN store

Find out quickly which CIN store is closest to you.


Take a picture, choose the colour, simulate it, save and share.

Download the free app for iOS ™ and Android ™ or use the Simulator on desktop and let yourself be inspired by the CIN colours.