In this technique, to better reproduce the appearance of leather, choose to use a beige tone with a matte gloss for the foundation, and a dark brown for the finish, with a semi-matte gloss.

Start by preparing the necessary material, as you will need some plastic sheets for this purpose. To prepare the mix, add 1 part VINYLSOFT of the desired colour to 3 parts CRAFT EFFECTS EXTENDER and mix well. Prepare all the mixture you will need for the area to be painted. This is because different mixtures can result in different shades, therefore the effect will not be uniform.

Transfer the mixture to a paint tray. Dip the anti-drip roller in the paint and drain the excess paint using the ribbed area ofthe paint tray. Test your painting technique and colour combinations on a small area before starting the project.

Cut plastic sheets into squares slightly smaller than 1x1 m. Starting at the top corner of the wall, apply a generous layer of mixture with the anti-drip roller, working in sections 1 m wide.

Crumple the cut plastic sheets, stretch them slightly and spread them over the still fresh mixture applied to the wall. Leave a few centimetres of still wet border for the next section.

With the help of a flat brush, smooth over the plastic but leave some wrinkles and overlaps. Avoid pressing with your fingers as this leaves marks. It is the wrinkles and overlaps in the plastic that will give rise to the desired effect.

Leave to stabilise for 1 to 2 mins, and carefully remove the plastic sheet to reveal the effect.

Paint a new 1 m-wide section adjacent to the previous section, slightly overlapping the previous one. Apply a new, crumpled and stretched plastic sheet to this new wet area and repeat the process.

Repeat the entire process until you cover the entire surface to be painted, and thus complete the project. Assess your work whenever you change section to ensure that the wall looks homogeneous. Leave to dry for 24 hrs.

For greater durability of the effect, redressing or evening out the sheen, we suggest the application of two coats of CRAFT EFFECTS TOP COAT, a varnish for walls, on top of the finished and dry effect.



Ideal for creating a warm and very welcoming environment. It adapts to your style and to what you want to make stand out in the chosen room, whether it's a more classic or more contemporary impact.


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