In this technique, obtained by using a sponge, the base colour dominates.

Start by preparing the necessary material, a natural sponge being the right tool for this purpose. To prepare the mix, add 1 part VINYLSOFT of the desired colour to 3 parts CRAFT EFFECTS EXTENDER and mix well. Prepare all the mixture you will need for the area to be painted. This is because different mixtures can result in different shades, therefore the effect will not be uniform.

Dampen the sponge and remove the excess water with a gentle twisting motion.

Transfer the mixture to a paint tray. Gently dip the sponge into the mixture, and remove the excess using absorbent paper. The secret is to keep a consistent amount of mixture on the sponge for a more even look. Always use the same sponge. Test your painting technique and colour combinations on cardboard before starting the project.

Starting from the corner of the ceiling to the base, gently press the sponge against the wall (don't press too hard so that it doesn't completely cover the base, and don't press too lightly to assure that the top colour has some prominence over the base). Whenever necessary, remove the excess mixture with absorbent paper. Avoid hitting the sponge against the wall, so as not to form bubbles.

Work in areas about 1 m wide on the wall. Rotate the sponge frequently, pressing gently at different spacings to create an abstract pattern on the wall.

Repeat the process on an adjacent section of about 1 m wide. Whenever you change section, be sure to slightly overlap the two sections so you don't have a blank area between them.

Repeat the entire process until you cover the entire surface to be painted, and thus complete the project. Assess your work whenever you change section to ensure that the wall looks homogeneous. Leave to dry for 24 hrs.

For greater durability of the effect, redressing or evening out the sheen, we suggest the application of two coats of CRAFT EFFECTS TOP COAT, a varnish for walls, on top of the finished and dry effect.



In this technique, obtained by using a sponge, the base colour dominates.


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