Customer satisfaction and stronger leadership Mission & Strategy


To provide the best solutions with the best team in the coatings market.


Satisfy the needs of customers and become leader in the markets in which CIN is involved, committing to excellence in the supply of innovative and high quality products and services.


Growing our market share and profitability through focus on customer satisfaction and on the continuous improvement of our know-how and efficiency of our business processes.


Develop our business with integrity, respect for the law and for the environment.


CIN seeks to strengthen its position in the coatings market through the consolidation process currently in progress. It will operate in markets where, through its core competences, will become market leader. Its growth process is based on organic consolidation and acquisitions.


CIN’s growth will be based on its set of competences that support its business and through the strengthening of its competitive advantages which have contributed towards its prominence in the market.


Essential factors for the implementation of the strategic vision:

      • Adapt the organization to a new consolidation cycle of internationalization processes, strengthening coordination between business units and optimizing the supply chain and the operational efficiency
      • Accelerate growth and strengthen the ability to innovate and differentiate, thereby increasing competitiveness
      • Win market share and reinforce market leadership where it exists already, and be recognized as a reference in the sector