CIN's Antologia Colour Collection is a curated collection of 126 new and exclusive colours that merge the brand's past and the inspiration of the present in an extraordinary symbiosis between classic and contemporary design.

CIN's new collection announces a new chapter in the world of colour

Published by: CIN
/ 25 November 2021

CIN's new colour project is an ode to the brand's chromatic heritage and the various artistic disciplines in art history. The tones of the Antologia Colour Collection perpetuate unique elements from the past, with an inspiring and contemporary density that will last for the present and future of colour.

The impact and chromatic richness of the new CIN collection shows the brand's deep knowledge and commitment to developing beautiful colours and demonstrate a legacy of more than 100 years of experience in a unique and distinctive project. Antologia presents 126 new and exclusive colours in an exquisite and harmonious palette of 9 collections that vary between luminous, neutral and dull colours, intense and darker and deeper tones that allow the creation of iconic decors.

Céline de Azevedo, Colour Designer at CIN, explains that “each of the colours in the Antologia Collection connects with a certain concept, such as Greek mythology, Impressionist painting, Renaissance architecture, Modernist goldsmithery, Baroque decoration or even Romantic poetry. In this collection, there are also references to Portuguese words, in a clear tribute to the origins of CIN, reflected in a selection of colours from the brand's historical archives". Céline de Azevedo adds that “CIN's path has always been committed to creativity and design, with a permanent focus on research and technological innovation and, above all, with an inexhaustible enthusiasm in continuing to create colour and setting trends”.

Liliana Leis Soares, Deputy Director of Marketing at CIN, points out that “the Antologia Colour Collection is a timeless collection that marks not only a unique position in the market but also the legacy of a centenary brand.” Liliana Leis Soares says that “this project is the result of years of research and development that culminate in an iconic project for CIN. More than colour, Antologia offers inspiration, refinement and history to every place”.

This collection is presented with a colour card and a colour box specially dedicated to prescription, in limited edition, with 126 colour samples. Antologia is available online and in six selected stores with a colour display exclusively developed for this project, as well as a new 50ml tester format. Antologia colours are available in CIN Premium paint.

The Antologia Colour Collection perpetuates an invaluable heritage in the world of colour, marking CIN's leadership position in the market and in the domain of colour.