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Pinturas CIN Canarias is a Spanish company dating back to 1930.

In 1997 DISA and CIN formed a joint-venture named DISA Pinturas which was acquired in full by CIN in 2001 and changed its name to Pinturas CIN Canarias.

CIN acquired two other companies - Proitesa – Productos Industriales de Tenerife, in 2006, and Compañia Limitada Industrias de la Pintura (owner of Palmcolor brand), in 2009 - both of which were incorporated into Pinturas CIN Canarias, currently operating in the Architectural coatings segment with CIN, Proitesa and Palmcolor brands and Protective coatings with CIN brand.


P. I. Güimar, Manzana 13, Parcela 2
38509 Güimar Tenerife - Spain