Order Handling Rules and Distribution Plan


All delivery deadlines set out in these Rules are merely indicative, and do not represent a commitment by CIN.Their fulfilment depends on the availability of stocks of finished products, raw materials, accessories and packaging such as availability of CIN’s dispatchers.They are also bound by force majeure clauses.

CIN is only liable for delivery deadlines provided that:

  • The order has been formally accepted and the delivery date has been formally confirmed confirmed.
  • Confirmation will have to be made within 15 days of the delivery date, and reservation of the quantity is mandatory.
  • This commitment is subject to the force majeure clause

The indicated rules are valid from 27 February 2017 and shall remain in force until amended or repealed.

Numerical rules may be amended without prior notice in the event of force majeure, by decision of General Management, on proposal by the Commercial or Operations department. In such an event, existing orders may be respected or not.

All fees listed here are of mandatory payment and they are cumulative. Orders are classified according to the following criteria:


1. Order Classification Criteria

  • Delivery deadline
  • Order size (Quantity/Value)
  • Validation of urgent orders
  • Delivery fees
  • Order composition:
    • Batch products
    • Special Products


2. Delivery Deadlines & Distribution Plan


Normal order:

  • Batch products and Colormix tinting
  • Subject to stock availability
  • Keep the current delivery routine, with the following changes:
    • Orders requested until 4pm are delivered within 48 hours, after 4pm delivered within 72 hours


N.B. - These deadlines are solely indicative and may be subject to change without prior notice. These deadlines may be longer in the event of complex orders, large orders or orders made at peak periods, among other reasons.

If the quantity ordered is less than 50 kg/L, or EUR 100 (without VAT) for motor vehicle refinishing products, a delivery charge of EUR 30 will be payable, which will be added to the amount of the invoice.


Express order:

  • Deadline – 24 hours
  • Subject to stock availability
  • Order time limit – 4:00 p.m of the day preceding the delivery date
  • Maximum number of products – 3
  • Delivery fee – according to the attached delivery costs table


Express order costs table

Weight kg /L Delivery Cost
Up to 50 kg/L EUR 30
51 to 150 kg/L EUR 50
151 to 450 kg/L EUR 70
451 to 1,000 kg/L EUR 90
Above 1,000 kg/L Charge of the Freight cost


Internet Order:

  • Minimum order: 150 Kg/L
  • Priority and delivery commitment of approximately 48 hours or the first available delivery route
  • System input deadline - 6:00 p.m for order deliveries in Porto and Lisbon - -5:00 p.m for other destinations


Order collected by customer from Maia Distribution Centre:

  • Collection deadline – 6 hours after placement, during normal working hours, from 09:00 a.m to 01:00 p.m and from 02:00 p.m to 07:00 p.m
  • Order placement after 02:00 p.m – collection the following day from 9:00 a.m
  • Maximum number of articles per order – 6


3. Special Products Orders:

  • Always subject to availability of raw materials and stocks
  • Definition of acceptance criteria by product type with regard to:
    • Normal and urgent delivery deadline
    • o Minimum Quantities Table
    • in accordance with that stated below.


Liquid Paints


Normal order:

  • Delivery deadline – 7 business days
  • No fees for orders that exceed the minimum quantity defined by product family, in accordance with the following table.
  • Payment of fee for orders of small quantities, in accordance with the following table.


Liquid Paints

Minimum Quantities and Fees Table

Type of Product Minimum qty. kg/L Quantity Fee
Solvent based paint from Machine > 100 and < 200 EUR 80
Water based paint from Machine > 140 and < 200 EUR 80
Mixing from bases (1) > 60 and < 120 EUR 50
Latex Paint (1) > 495 and < 900 EUR 50
Varnish / Staining > 60 and < 100 EUR 50
Thinner > 25 and < 100 EUR 25

(1) – Product / Colour not available in Colormix Decorative or Industrial


Urgent order:

  • Delivery deadline – 4 business days
  • Feasibility confirmed by Customer Service in conjunction with Planning
  • Urgency fee – EUR 100
  • Quantity fee applies according to the above-attached Table for orders of Special products – liquid paint.


Powder Paint:


Normal order:

  • Delivery deadline – 14 business days
  • Minimum quantity per product family

Powder Paint – Minimum Quantities Table

Type of Product Qty. Minimum kg
Gloss 175
Polyester matt 350
Metallic 350


Urgent order:

  • Delivery deadline – 9 business days
  • Feasibility confirmed by Customer Service in conjunction with Planning
  • Minimum quantity per product family, according to preceding table
  • Urgency fee – EUR 100


4. Special situations and 2K products


Orders placed to Maia Distribution Centre:

  • Accessories: only possible according to sales multiples (e.g. 6,12,18,…).
  • Mixing of products by machine in 1L and 0.75L containers: only possible for complete box
  • 2K products always supplied as complete kit.


5. CIN stores deliveries

Cin stores are designed to serve retail customers and provide support in case of urgent requests

They are not able to dispatch distributor customers orders in replacement of Maia Distribution Centre, due to extra costs in such cases are very high.

Distributor customers must, therefore, use the stores solely in emergencies and only in such cases.

An emergency is defined as an order of:

  • Less than 4 products
  • Less than 100 Kg/L.

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