CIN-k System

CIN-k is the external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) developed by CIN that allows to save up to 30% in energy, thus contributing to an improved respect for the environment and a reduced footprint.

More efficient façades A performance that you see and feel.
Thermal Confort

A comfortable temperature 365 days a year.

Cost Reduction

Reduces the heating and cooling energy bill in up to 30%.


Maintains the new look of the façades in your home, ensuring a high market value.


Significantly reduces the appearance of humidity and mould.


Reduces the impact on the generation of gases which contribute to the greenhouse effect.

3.Princol Mortar/FB/Fibre/100
5.Fixation nails
6.Princol Mortar/FB/Fibre/100
7.Reinforced mesh
8.Princol Mortar/FB/Fibre/100
9.Textured Primer
10.Thick Coating Carso1/Eralit

Compliance and Safety • EUROPEAN TECHNICAL EVALUATION (ETA 16/0294) - in 2016, it obtained a favorable technical assessment based on parameters defined at European level that ensure the compliance of CIN-k with the requirements of the ETAG 004.

• CE MARKING (1328-CPR-0602) - this certificate attests that all the provisions concerning the assessment and verification of constancy of performance described in ETA 16/0294 are applied and that the factory production control is assessed according to the applicable requirements.

• RCCTE (D.L. 80/2006) - also complies with the thermal requirements in the energy certification of buildings.

Valid certifications for CIN-k EPS Classic.


CIN offers an intense/dark colour palette using this innovative Thermo-reflectiveTechnology that meets the TSR > 30% criterion.

Benefits of Thermo-reflective Technology A performance that you see and feel.

More freedom in choosing colour using ETICS for your façade; Prevents the coating from reaching high temperatures.

Thermal Confort

Higher thermal comfort levels inside buildings; Significant energy savings in the building's HVAC.

Cost Reduction

Reduction of the risk of early coating degradation and/or cracking of the substrate; Improvement of long-term coating resistance.


The main characteristic of a colour with Thermo-reflective Technology is its high capacity to reflect solar radiation. The TSR value of a surface enables us to quantify the heating of a surface under exposure to the sun. CIN-k Thermo-reflective Technology allows greater freedom in the choice of colour using ETICS for your façade, combining the advantages of greater reflection of solar energy without limiting colour choices.

Painting Solutions

CIN-k System | Thermo-reflective Technology
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