CIN ascends two positions in the European ranking of coatings manufacturers

Published by: CIN
/ 6 July 2022

CIN, the Iberian coatings leader, was distinguished by the European Coatings Journal as the 11th largest paint manufacturer in Europe. In 2021, CIN's revenues reached 365 million euros, allowing it to rise two positions in the European ranking, from 13th to 11th, reflecting a 12% increase compared to 2020 results.

Every year, the editors of the European Coatings Journal publish a ranking of the 25 best-selling paint and coatings manufacturers in Europe. The results are revenue-based, including acquisitions and mergers.

João Serrenho, Chairman of CIN, emphasizes that "this is an important milestone that highlights the constant investment in innovation and development and, simultaneously, the perseverance of rigour and quality - fundamental values for CIN".

Despite the 2021 context and its influence on the shortage of raw materials, CIN achieved record results in core business areas: Industrial Coatings' Powder Business Unit surpassed 10,000 tonnes, and Architectural Coatings' Business Unit in Portugal achieved a recorded volume sales of 140 million euros. Furthermore, the results obtained in the other Business Units allowed CIN to reach a total turnover of 365 million euros, a growth of 12% compared to 2020.

Currently, CIN has an installed capacity of 135 thousand tonnes, supported by 14 warehouses and distribution centres (equivalent to 150 thousand square meters). The production is undertaken by ten factories in Portugal, Italy, Spain, France, Angola and Mozambique.