It’s time to bring back colour is CIN’s new campaign that aims to drive the change from the cold grey tones of these recent troubled times to a happier and brighter future ahead.

CIN’s new campaign calls for more colourful and joyful homes

Published by: CIN
/ 9 June 2021

CIN, the Portuguese and largest Iberian coatings company, has just launched its latest multi-media campaign, designed by ACNE Lisbon, in which it invites consumers to paint their homes with the colour that best represents their personality. With the headline “It's time to bring back colour. Let's paint.” CIN aims to help the consumers to say farewell to the grey tones that have marked the days of the pandemic and return colour, joy and energy to every home.

CIN's new campaign celebrates freedom and individuality, expressing the importance of personality in the brand's choice of colours. The communication's tone reinforces the idea that it's fine to have different styles and be bold, breaking away from the concept of “normality”. It asserts customer’s right to paint their walls according to their personality.

For Liliana Leis Soares, CIN's Product and Brand Manager, this campaign “represents the company's core values, especially by arguing that each house is an extension of the people who live there, with colours that represent the way they think, feel and live their lives. This campaign is about identity and freedom. The freedom to be, think and do things differently. It's a campaign that inspires you to take risks. To change. To be bold. Because CIN changes everything”. According to Liliana Leis Soares, “this positioning came about in a very unusual context where it became necessary to change everything and get creative. More than ever, our home is our safe place and that should be the mirror of who we are: painting is no longer just a routine activity but also a way of expressing our individuality.”



João Carvalho Oliveira, ACNE's Executive Creative Director, reveals that “the world of fashion and design inspired us in terms of the look and attitude. It teaches us that we don't have to spend a lifetime tied to the same colour and the same style. What we like today may not mean anything to us tomorrow. Our taste changes. It evolves. Trying new colours is fun and change is always welcome. We want CIN to get people to feel motivated to change”.

This will be a multi-media campaign that will run in Portugal and Spain.

Client: CIN
Marketing Director: Marcos Castro

Product and Brand Manager: Liliana Leis Soares

Assistant Brand Manager: Carina Cardoso and Tiago Souto

Agency: ACNE Lisbon

Executive Creative Director: João Carvalho Oliveira

Creative Directors: Tiago Cruz and Raoul van Harten

Art Directors: Raoul van Harten and Joana Monteiro

Copywriters: Tiago Cruz and Miguel Trigo

Audiovisual Production: Alfredo Carvalho Produções

Photographer: Máquina Invisível/Filipe Rebelo


Producer: Playground

Director: Rui Vieira

Photography Director: André Szankowski

Executive Producer: João Abreu
Postproduction: Lightfilm and Glimpse FX

Original music: Núcleo Audio