CIN’s dark tone is a refined detail in an always fashionable environment.

Dense and deep, Charcoal #E734 is CIN’s most sophisticated tone

Published by: CIN
/ 28 October 2020

Between a touch of sophistication and a detail of audacity, CIN's new colour Charcoal #E734 adapts to either a more classical personality or a spark of modernity. CIN’s darker and denser tone is part of the Neutral Revelation collection and stands out this fall with its dense and cosy feel.

Ideal to highlight a lighter decoration in contrast with its darker tone, CIN’s Charcoal #E734 stands out not only by its timeless colour but by its unique texture, conveying refinement and depth to each place where it features.

Standing between the light of grey and the safety of black, Charcoal #E734 is the tone of the dark and sober slate which subtly enters each home. Covering a whole wall or merely a detail, this new tone from CIN gets its inspiration from the colour of burnt wood, forming a perfect and elegant symbiotic relationship with Nature.

Charcoal #E734 is ideal for a classical, sober and refined environment but also for a graphic, modern and daring feel, which enhances its versatility, capable of combining different types of decor. CIN’s new tone is a timeless colour that serves as the background for each space's expression.

This is one of the many colours found in CIN’s website – Colour of the Month inspiration section. This section contains many more inspirational photographs with the Charcoal colour and also other tones featured in CIN Colour Revelation 2020 catalogue, an iconic catalogue fully inspired in Nature, highlighting the best of the four elements: water, earth, air and fire.