CIN Premium promises to disrupt the market by combining more than 100 years of experience, innovation and knowledge in the art of making paints.

History and Future blend in CIN's best paint

Published by: CIN
/ 25 October 2021

CIN, a Portuguese company and Iberian leader in the coatings market, has just launched the best interior paint in its history. CIN Premium is the crowning achievement of the brand's experience, dedication and constant innovation, which once again revolutionises the market with an outstanding product for interior walls. CIN Premium is available in the new Anthology Colour Collection, which features a unique selection of 126 new and exclusive colours that highlight the brand's personality, elegance and modernity.

CIN Premium combines the best characteristics of an interior paint, guaranteeing an excellent finish and opacity, while offering excellent resistance to polishing and stains. This product is available in matt and satin finishes, is 100% acrylic, ensures effortless application and ensures an irresistible soft to touch finish and exceptional colour depth. CIN's new paint is available in six selected brand's stores - in Porto, Lisbon and Algarve - and in the online store.

The symbiosis becomes even more perfect when the best paint is coloured with the new and exclusive Antologia Colour Collection: a curated selection of 126 new colours that merge the brand's past, architectural history and modern inspiration, in an extraordinary harmony between the classic and the contemporary. This Collection shows, once again, CIN's knowledge, experience and centenary know-how in the craft of designing extraordinary colour projects.

Liliana Leis Soares, Deputy Director of Marketing at CIN, points out that “CIN Premium and the Antologia Colour Collection encompass a long path of investigation, development, research, dedication and commitment of multidisciplinary teams, revealling an historical know-how and vision of the future that has resulted in a project that is already a milestone in the CIN’s history.”

Elegance, luxury, sophistication and innovation are the key ingredients that make up the maximum exponent of the CIN Premium paint and the Antologia Colour Collection.