CIN’s Turmeric tone is part of the Red Revelation collection of the brand and promises to bring magic and wonder to any space.

What if an autumn leaf carried you to India? Let yourself be carried away with CIN’s Turmeric #E720

Published by: CIN
/ 23 November 2020

Inspired by the seasoned colour of eastern spices, CIN's #E720 Turmeric tone takes us to the warm light of turmeric, or its texture in ancestral celebrations. This year particularly, CIN’s autumn leaf takes us on a flight to the colours of India, an inner journey through the glow of our dreams.

November is a month for roasted chestnuts and the cosiness of the last rays of sunshine. A late summer that gets extended even further with this tone from CIN, a strong warm colour which heats and renews your home in a magical invasion of eastern energies.


Darker than traditional yellow and more orange than mustard yellow, the #E720 Turmeric tone creates an engaging and tonic atmosphere. With its sunny touch, it brightens up Scandinavian, ethnic, vintage, industrial and modern environments, merging in perfect harmony with a wide variety of colours.


CIN's new colour brings us on a journey of imagination, detailing aromas, flavours and landscapes from India, where yellow adorns the walls of mansions in Goa and havelis in Rajasthan - a palace tale inside your home.


This is one of the many colours featured on CIN's website, in the Colour of the Month’s inspiration section. In this section you can find many more inspiring images with the Turmeric colour applied, as well as some of the other tones included in CIN Colour Revelation 2020, an iconic catalogue fully inspired by Nature, highlighting the best of the four elements: earth, water, air and fire.