Cinoxano Mineral

High durability mineral based paint
Exclusive cin store
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Dead matt / Mineral / Smooth
10 - 14 m2/L
Drying time
3 - 4h
2 - 3x
White and colours
High durability mineral based paint for façades, with a thecnology based on modified polysiloxane resins which make it highly permeable to water vapour and highly repellent to liquid water. These characteristics make Cinoxano Mineral specially recommended to the rehabilitation of historical buildings, combining state-of-the-art technology with the respect for the edified heritage characteristics. Available in a range of highly resistant colours, since it is exclusively formulated with inorganic colorants.
  • Mineral look-like
  • Intense matt finish
  • Highly permeable to water vapour
  • Maximum resistance to liquid water
  • Dirt resistance paint film
  • Fungi e algae protected paint film