Betocin WB

Protection and decorative acrylic varnish for concrete
11 - 14 m2/L
Drying time
Clear and colours
Acrylic water based varnish for protection and embellishment of concrete interior and exterior, with good resistance to weathering. It can also be applied over stone, brick and viroc. Available in a 10 colour palette of highly resistant, since it is exclusively formulated with inorganic colorants. Betocin WB is a high quality varnish with CE marking. The CE marking means that Betocin WB is in conformity with the requirements of the standard, contributing to increase the surface protection of concrete from atmospheric factors, ensuring maximum protection and high durability.
  • Excellent alkalinity resistance
  • Enhances the texture and natural beauty of the surfaces
  • Permeable to water vapour
  • Maximum resistance to liquid water
  • Does not stain when in contact with water
  • Good weather resistance
  • CE Marking according to EN 1504-2