Imperflex R700

Waterproofing resin
Exclusive cin store
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1 - 3 m2/L
Drying time
2 - 3x
Imperflex R700 is a liquid resin to be mixed with cement (Portland type 32,5N), becoming a flexible mortar with excellent waterproofing properties and good adhesion to various types of surfaces. Imperflex R700 was especially designed to waterproof balconies, rooftops and walls, both in new and rehabilitation works. It can be applied in cement and brick surfaces, as well as ceramic. It has a smooth and uniform finish and can be repainted or covered with ceramic material.
  • Excellent imperviability
  • Extra flexible film
  • Good adhesion to various types of surfaces
  • Good adhesion to ceramic surfaces
  • Admits ceramic paint or covering
  • Easy to apply