Nováqua HD Warranty Range Terms and Conditions

CIN - CORPORAÇÃO INDUSTRIAL DO NORTE, S.A. (hereinafter “CIN”) guarantees the good and regular performance of its NOVÁQUA HD products, in CIN’s Exterior Catalogue of colours (hereinafter referred to as “NOVÁQUA HD”), subject to the terms and conditions below and as long as the product is sold and applied in Portugal.


Warranty range

  1. This warranty is granted and recognized by CIN only if terms and conditions of its clauses are complied.
  2. This warranty is only granted to those who purchase a NOVÁQUA HD volume of 150 litres or less, for application in the same work.
  3. This warranty does not affect general warranty rights during the respective legal period.
  4. For quantities over 150L, any warranty must be proposed and appreciated jointly by Commercial and Customer Service Departments before the purchase of NOVÁQUA HD.


Warranty purpose

  1. This warranty only covers the NOVÁQUA HD products.
  2. Without prejudice to all damages arising from the normal ageing and wear and tear of the products, CIN guarantees that all surfaces painted with NOVÁQUA HD will not show the following defects:

a. blistering (except due to seepage and humidity in the substrate);
b. paint cracking (except due to retraction cracks or substrate cracks);
c. product adherence loss;
d. powderiness;
e. fungus and algae on paint film;
f. a change in the colour higher than one recommended in the Portuguese Standard NP 4505 - Paints for Exterior Surfaces of Buildings (except if caused by substrate's alkalinity and/or presence of efflorescence due to soluble salt migration after water seepage has evaporated)


Duration of the warranty

Tis warranty is valid for the period of 10 years from NOVÁQUA HD purchase date.


Conditions of the warranty

  1. This warranty will only be valid if activated by customer at CIN’s services within 30 (thirty) days of the product purchase date.
  2. In order to activate the warranty, the Client must, in any written and signed form, or through the website, inform CIN of the willingness to benefit from it and must fill in and send the appropriate form (which can be printed) that can be found in the Customer Area of CIN’s website.
  3. This activation will be confirmed later by CIN which will jointly send the warranty number.
  4. The granting of the benefit of this warranty gives CIN the right to verify the correct application of the products, obliging the customer to authorize it to access the work for this purpose whenever it so whishes and requests.
  5. This warranty will only be valid if product application has been made for the purpose for which it is recommended, has obeyed all generally accepted good and normal practices of painting (commonly called art rules) as well as recommendations and procedures provided in all product technical documentation and that the purchase document will be kept until the end of the warranty date.



  1. If due to manufacturing, storing and labelling defects the products do not comply with the specifications guaranteed, CIN undertakes to provide the necessary products (paints, primers, etc.) to repair the work.
  2. The warranty thus provided covers, in a sliding scale, exclusively: a) materials needed to replace the painting scheme. b) costs of direct labour regarding the repair, previously budgeted and approved by CIN.
  3. For the purpose of coverage mentioned in previous paragraph, it is meant by sliding scale:

    a. 1st year - 100% coverage
    b. 2nd year - 85% coverage
    c. 3rd year - 70% coverage
    d. 4th year - 55% coverage
    e. 5th year - 40% coverage
    f. 6th year - 25% coverage
    g. 7th year - 15% coverage
    h. 8th year - 15% coverage
    i. 9th year - 10% coverage
    j. 10th year - 10% coverage

  4. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by acts of god or force majeure, such as, not excluding other similar events, accidents, acts of vandalism, atmospheric catastrophes, fires, etc.
  5. Also excluded from the scope of the coverage of this warranty are all damages not reported in writing to CIN within 30 days of the detection.
  6. Excluded from the scope of the coverage of this warranty is also the application of NOVÁQUA HD in fence walls.
  7. Any repair carried out under this warranty does not imply resetting the warranty period.


Conflict resolution

Any dispute arising from the interpretation or execution of this warranty will be settled by the materially competent court of Maia, with express waiver of any other.