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Colour Advisory - Terms and Conditions


Signing up to the Colour Advisory service implies the signing of a written contract between CIN - Corporação Industrial do Norte S.A. and the client, the purpose of which is for CIN to provide consultancy services on the colour selection for your property (hereinafter Colour Advisory).

Consultancy services will be provided at your home address, at the address indicated by the Client, or at the CIN Stores commonly known as the Campo Alegre CIN Store or the Vêtejo CIN Store.

The Services must be scheduled by CIN no later than 7 (seven) working days from the payment date.

CIN reserves the right to refuse to book the Services or to carry them out if, in the meantime, it finds that the CLIENT has provided false information, if the CLIENT cancels consultations twice without providing a suitable justification, or if the CLIENT engages in a behaviour that is contrary to the law or good customs.

The CLIENT is responsible for providing CIN with all the information requested relevant to the preparation of the colour advice proposal for the purposes of providing Colour Advisory services. CIN shall not be liable for any damage caused to the CLIENT in connection with the provision of this service as a result of the lack of information or inadequate, insufficient or misleading information provided by the CLIENT.

Upon contracting, the CLIENT must inform CIN of any obstacle that may hinder the provision of services. The accurate provision of this information by the Client is essential for CIN to be able to provide the services properly.

The CLIENT is responsible for filling in the information requested by CIN correctly. If a second visit is necessary due to any error or inaccuracy in the information provided by the Client, the cost of this will be borne entirely by the CLIENT.

CIN also reserves the right to refuse to start or continue providing the Services at a location, whether a private home or a commercial establishment, if the location is found to be unsafe or if it is not possible, for any technical reason, to carry out or continue providing the Services due to one or more characteristics of the location.

Only requests to book services made from the CIN Online Shop will be considered CIN Paints | MyCIN - Login.

All bookings are subject to the availability of "Designers", and CIN will ensure that they are fulfilled. If, for any reason, CIN cannot proceed with the consultation, it will contact the CLIENT in good time and do everything possible to find an alternative date that is favourable to the CLIENT, with no compensation due to the CLIENT by CIN.


Colour Advisory Services will be provided through:

a) a personalised consultation lasting up to 2 hours, at the CIN Vetejo Store or at the CIN Campo Alegre Store during their opening hours;

b) in a customised consultation, at the address indicated by the Client, with the “Designer”, who will respect the geographically delimited zones available on the website;

Both cases ending with the delivery of a report with colour advice and a quote for the purchase of the products included in it.

Up until two working days before the agreed date for the provision of the Services, the CLIENT may, at no additional cost, contact CIN at customer.service@cin.com or by telephone on 229 406 000 to change the date for the provision of Services under the Contract.

Should the CLIENT fail to appear or be absent from the location where the Services are to be provided on the date and time agreed with the CLIENT, CIN shall remain available for an additional period of 15 (fifteen) minutes, at the end of which the provision of the Services shall be cancelled.

If the situation referred to in the previous paragraph arises, the CLIENT may contact Customer Service within 7 (seven) days of the date initially booked, to reschedule the consultation, but will be charged a new fee for providing the intended Services.

Projects carried out by CIN within the scope of the provision of Services under this Contract are CIN's intellectual property and, therefore, CIN is the sole owner of all copyright and related rights, as well as all industrial property rights, and may be used indefinitely by CIN and third parties authorised by CIN for this purpose, by any means, in part and/or in combination with other works, whether modified or not.