CIN reveals eight new colours for 2020

2020 is the year of Pink Oyster – a happy, soft and optimistic colour

Publié par: CIN
/ 13 Février 2020

CIN, a Portuguese brand and Iberian leader in the market of paints and varnishes, reveals the colour trends for 2020 in the new edition of the already iconic colour card, Color Revelation, an essential reference in architecture, design and interior decorating.

With eight new shades across four colour spectra, through this new colour palette the CIN Color Revelation 2020 colour card traverses the environments and textures of natural elements. Specifically, if you want to create unique atmospheric spaces with harmony, freshness, luminosity and elegance, the softness and texture of the pink Pleurotus mushroom inspired the colour chosen to represent 2020: Pink Oyster. The new colour designed by CIN completely flees from conventional standards, awakening sympathy, sweetness and optimism with its delicate tonality and unique softness.

Among the 40 colours created by CIN to highlight the beauty of any space, there is a set of new shades that inspire limitless combinations and that express the pure forces of nature. In addition to the colour of the year, Pink Oyster #E735, other additions to this year’s colour card are Soft Grey #E733, Charcoal #E734, Red Clay #E736, Seaside #E740, Light Blue #E739, Olive #E737 and Rainforest #E738.

Céline de Azevedo, Colour Designer at CIN, points out that “the Color Revelation colour card is the result of tremendous dedication by the whole team which, over the years, has designed and developed a project that has become a benchmark in the market”. CIN´s Colour Designer also added that the eight new shades launched this year “will further enrich the harmonious and coherent colour palette that the brand has been developing throughout the 4 years of Color Revelation”.

 Colour of the Year 2020: Pink Oyster

 The main highlight of the Color Revelation colour card is Pink Oyster #E735, CIN’s 2020 Colour of the Year. Both luminous and soft, Pink Oyster blends the sweetness of orange with the delicacy of pink. Inspired by the nuances and enchanting natural beauty of the pink Pleurotus mushroom, this new CIN colour is truly a revelation, created to convey friendliness, sweetness and optimism in home decoration.

Neutral Revelation Range

As the softest and most neutral range in the CIN colour card, Neutral Revelation adds two new shades, which despite contrasting with each other, are inspired by the same elements: Soft Grey #E733, a softly silent grey colour, suitable for minimalist atmospheres, which breathes light and tenderness, where wellness prevails. On the other hand, Charcoal #E734, in its dense and dark shade, is an elegant backdrop, highlighting the accents of careful decoration and attention to detail.


Red Revelation Range

 In addition to Pink Oyster, Red Revelation range includes Red Clay #E736, a colour with a distinguished personality inspired by the nuances of that material. Definitively timeless, yet also modern and trendy, Red Clay tells us about history, nature, our relationship with the earth and with a craftsman’s know-how in decoration.


Blue Revelation Range

 Two new colours from Blue Revelation range that are totally complementary and that can share spaces without upstaging each other. For radiant days and refreshing atmospheres, the luminous, fresh and aquatic blues are back, inspired by warm and transparent waters. Color Revelation 2020 now includes Seaside #E740, a colour that immerses us in the serene blue of the summer sea, and Light Blue #E739, a discreet and delicate, even tenuous blue, which reminds us of crystalline waters, enjoyable in silence, without thinking about the time we would prefer to trickle by.


Green Revelation Range

They are the intense greens of pure nature and the celebration of life; they are the soft and delicate tones of an organic and serene lifestyle. There are two new colours of Green Revelation range, transporting nature and its different nuances to interior spaces: Rainforest #E738, a celebration of sustainability and the environment, and Olive #E737, the olive-green shade that inspires comfort and simplicity., a more involving form of revealing colours


In addition to the iconic Colour Trends colour card, is the website specifically dedicated to this collection of colours. On this website, it´s possible to browse the colours in the collection, view and be inspired by the story of each one through videos and request the delivery of the new Colour Trends 2020 colour card to your home.


 CIN, ever a pioneer in colours, is the first and only Portuguese paint company that has been developing new colours every year that inspire the most demanding consumers and professionals. CIN’s Colour Trends, a project launched over two decades ago, has become a benchmark in several markets, establishing colour guidelines for architecture, decoration and design professionals.