Buildings and Infrastructure
On major engineering projects, safety, aesthetics and durability are key. Find the best solutions for corrosion protection, passive fire protection, concrete protection and flooring.

Bridges and Viaducts

To extend durability, the proper and effective protection of major engineering works, such as bridges and viaducts, is fundamental. Whether made of steel or concrete, at CIN Performance Coatings you will find the best solutions for protecting this infrastructure.


In addition to the aesthetic and decorative aspect, CIN Performance Coatings flooring solutions provide the required mechanical and chemical protection adjusted to each use case requirements.

Industrial Buildings and Warehousing

The aggressiveness of industrial environments is a major factor when projecting industrial buildings and warehouses. Here you will find the best solutions for the protection of these structures, whether metallic or concrete.

Passive Fire Protection

Throughout the world, there are several engineering and architectural works whose beauty is largely due to an exposed steel structure. Intumescent products make them safer by delaying collapse in the event of a large fire, thereby protecting lives and material property.

Residential, Commercial and Specialty Buildings

Due to their public and/or recreational purpose, buildings are places where people congregate. At CIN Performance Coatings you will find the best solutions to protect them for many years to come.

Self-Supporting Warehousing

Self-supporting warehouses are major works of engineering in which the racking itself makes up the building's structure. For protecting these structures effectively, coatings have to combine aesthetics with performance. Find out here the solutions with the proper mechanical and weather resistance.


Infrastructure such as road tunnels are subject to various aggressive agents. Coating their interior is an essential action in the protection of structural concrete, while also improving visibility and traffic safety. Learn more about tunnel protection.