Markets Committed to sustainability and aware of the environmental impact of our activities, CIN Performance Coatings formulates products using the most advanced technologies, complying with the strictest standards. CIN Performance Coatings is your ideal business partner for the any market segment.


Operating in harsh environments, exposed to weather and subjected to high levels of corrosion, ACE equipment need robust protection, which reconciles a perfect finish with mechanical requirements. Discover the best solutions at CIN Performance Coatings.


Our goal and commitment is to match the creativity of those who design and build the future. Find the best solutions that combine creative freedom with sustainability and protective requirements.

Buildings and Infrastructure

On major engineering projects, safety, aesthetics and durability are key. Find the best solutions for corrosion protection, passive fire protection, concrete protection and flooring.


Due to its diversity and complexity, the Energy sector is demanding in terms of corrosion protection for its equipment. Our extensive product range of certified products configures a number of effective solutions for both new construction and existing structures.

Food and Water

Known for its high health and safety standards, the food industry is a very challenging sector. Find out the best solutions for the most diverse situations.

General Industrial

Our success rests on a working methodology that fosters a strict collaboration with our customers and is constantly focused on their needs. We have a long tradition of developing coating solutions for a wide range of industrial markets.

Mining and Industrial Facilities

Due to particularly harsh environments, protecting industrial and mining facilities is a major challenge in the sector, as they have to meet numerous requirements. Find the best solutions for the protection of these facilities.

Oil and Gas

For the demanding Oil and Gas sector, the CIN Performance Coatings product portfolio includes the best solutions to extend service life of all steel structures, tanks and pipes, while minimising downtime in maintenance and repair works.


The packaging coatings market covers very different segments, ranging from cosmetics packaging to gas cylinders and metalic containers. CIN Performance Coatings offers a wide range of solutions, adapted to the most diverse application processes.


The transportation industry imposes demanding specifications regarding coatings' technical characteristics. CIN Performance Coatings presents solutions adapted to our customers that aim to improve their productivity and satisfaction.