Mining and Industrial Facilities
Due to particularly harsh environments, protecting industrial and mining facilities is a major challenge in the sector, as they have to meet numerous requirements. Find the best solutions for the protection of these facilities.


CIN Performance Coatings flooring solutions provide the required mechanical and chemical protection adjusted to each use case requirements.


Characterised by its corrosive and abrasive environment, the mining industry is a very demanding sector. Find here the high performance solutions proven to extend the service life of mining production facilities.

Petrochemical Plants

The petrochemical industry goes hand in hand with a highly corrosive environment. At CIN Performance Coatings you will find the best solutions for corrosion protection of structural elements, including protection from high temperatures.

Pulp and Paper Industry

The pulp and paper industry presents some peculiarities due to the chemical processes involved in the extraction and treatment of cellulose. Find out more about the best solutions for protection of both new construction and existing structures.


At CIN Performance Coatings you will find a range of products specially formulated in order to provide effective anti-corrosive protection for storage tanks for petroleum products, extending their durability and preventing contamination.