General Industrial
Our success rests on a working methodology that fosters a strict collaboration with our customers and is constantly focused on their needs. We have a long tradition of developing coating solutions for a wide range of industrial markets.

Electrical Goods

The coating of electrical equipment combines both aesthetic and functional aspects, depending on the exposure environment and the intended use. Find out here the best solutions.

Industrial Equipment

CIN Performance Coatings has countless solutions for industrial equipments that require a coating capable of withstanding harsh operating conditions.

Lawn and Garden

Coatings for lawn and garden should articulate being aesthetical appealing with being resistant to weather and wear and tear. CIN Performance Coatings has the best solutions in the market suited for this particular market segment.

Office Furniture

Coating a piece of furniture may mean creating the necessary colour and finish to turn a desk into a design piece. Our products contribute with a range of features that keep office furniture always looking its very best.

Other Industrial Applications

CIN Performance Coatings, with a vast experience and partnerships with other entities, has various solutions for other markets and segments within industrial applications.

Satellite Dishes

We have solutions for the satellite dish market that combine aesthetic appearance with appropriate performance, and guarantee a protection appropriate to their environment.

Skis and Sport Equipments

Sport Equipments are constantly subjected to handling, impact, abrasion and, in many cases, to weather. CIN Performance Coatings presents the best solutions for the protection of skis and sports equipment.