EN 1504-2
Product with CE Marking
EN 13813
Product with CE Marking
Product with high impermeability to chloride ion
Product reserved to professional users, according to the REACH Regulation.
Technical Documentation
Material Safety DataSheet 7P931 EN
Technical DataSheet 7P930 EN
Material Safety DataSheet 7P931 EN
Material Safety DataSheet 7P932 9990 EN
Material Safety DataSheet 7P932 9999 EN
Declaration of Performance 7P930 EN
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Preparation and Application

Concrete: the concrete should be allowed to have a minimum 28 days to harden, a minimal tensile strength of 1.5 N/mm² and a minimum compression resistance of 25 N/mm². The surface must be clean, dry, free from laitance, old paints and other contaminants.

Self-Protection Asphalt Screens with Mineral and Asphalt: the surface must be well adherent, clean, dry and free from oils, grease, dust and other contamination. Wash the surface with neutral detergents, followed by washing with clean high pressure water.

Steel: blast clean the steel to Sa 2½ grade, according to ISO 8501-1. The roughness profile should be adjusted, depending on the thickness of the product to be applied. Remove powder residues and abrasive residues from surface. These indications are generic, applicable to several products and merely informative.

Tiles and Ceramics: surfaces must be clean, dry and free of oils, grease or other contaminants.

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